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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Policeman faces 80 drug offences

Policeman faces 80 drug

"A police officer trafficked drugs while moonlighting as a promoter for Sexpo, a court was told today.

Senior Constable Paul Anthony Hatzakortzian was among seven people arrested following a series of drug searches in metropolitan Melbourne today.

The 36-year-old appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates' Court this afternoon and is facing 80 charges of drug trafficking and conspiracy to traffic drugs between August 17 and October 1"

This is a witch hunt, kangaroo court, spanish inquisition. When will Police Command just let police members go about their illegal activities in peace...?


  1. Anonymous8:53 am


  2. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Matt T(h)omas
    The driver for Alphonse Gangitano.
    Now a director of Mick Gatto's Elite Cranes.
    "I recall in July 1996, while I was a detective at the organised crime squad, a listening device affidavit being prepared over several days.
    I recall the affidavit was near completion but still needed to go through the rigorous tests of the special project unit.
    The target for this warrant was Mat Thomas, who at the time was the driver for the now deceased Alphonse Gangitano.
    Our intention was to install a listening device in the car of Thomas but, because of the high standard of proof required in the affidavit, more preparation time
    was required.
    On Sunday, 14 July 1996, a week after starting to compile the affidavit, Mat Thomas drove his Mercedes Benz to the Gatto Nero Bar.
    When he left, Raymond Oueinati was found dead, kicked to death.
    Thomas was one of several suspects and was charged with the murder, but was subsequently acquitted.
    Thomas would say he was innocent.
    I say he was acquitted of murder.
    I remember the Monday following the murder and the frustration faced by members of the organised crime squad—knowing that, were the process for obtaining
    the warrant made easier, what additional information would have been obtained and supplied to the jury had police had a listening device installed in Thomas’s
    car immediately after the death of Oueinati."
    -Former detective, Jason wood MP.

  3. Anonymous9:21 am

    it's the police gazette- except someone cut and paste the informants' names into the defendants' column ...

  4. Anonymous1:18 pm

    wat the fuck is going on with this blog, get on wit it

  5. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Cop facing jail over drug trafficking

    November 15, 2006 - 8:21PM

    A one-time distinguished Victorian drug squad police officer faces up to 25 years jail for trafficking drugs to an underworld figure, a court heard on Wednesday.

    Wayne Geoffrey Strawhorn, 51, was a senior drug squad officer when he trafficked two kilograms of pseudoephedrine to slain underworld figure Mark Moran in May 2000.

    After a three-month trial, a jury last month found Strawhorn guilty of trafficking a commercial quantity of pseudoephedrine.

    He was found not guilty of three charges of trafficking drugs to the Bandidos bikie gang and one charge of threatening to kill a police officer.

    He appeared before the Victorian Supreme Court in Melbourne on Wednesday for a pre-sentence hearing where the court heard the maximum penalty for trafficking a commercial quantity of drugs is 25 years.

    Strawhorn's lawyer Peter Morrissey described him as a distinguished police officer who was involved in high profile and successful drug cases investigating the Moran family and fugitive drug dealer Tony Mokbel.

    He said his client still maintained his innocence.

    "Mr Strawhorn makes it quite plain here, he maintains his innocence," Mr Morrissey said.

    Fellow police officer Inspector John Thexton told the court Strawhorn was one of the most highly-regarded investigators in the drug squad and crime department during his time there.

    He said he was absolutely certain of Strawhorn's honesty and wanted the court to be aware of his previous good character.

    The hearing before Justice David Habersberger continues.

  6. Anonymous3:06 pm

    this blog is dying .... i reckon the cops were behind it all along

  7. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Maybe there is nothing happening in the Melb underworld atm...

  8. Anonymous5:14 pm

    There's always something going on in the underworld it's just that the author of this shit blog "Paul Anthony Hatzakortzian" can't access a computer at the moment. FUCKING COPS

  9. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Aww hope Paul's ok. At least the site has started up again...and it has a link to this site.
    I like em both...Get well soon Paul!

  10. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Big news with Carl Williams pleading guilty to 3 nurders

  11. Anonymous5:40 pm

    I'll say... but we can only speculate on some of the others as they won't go to trial.

    I wanna know if Gangitano had anything to do with Babyface

  12. Anonymous12:06 am

    Good to see ZGW in the news again. I'm pleased we haven't seen the last of her.

  13. Anonymous6:50 pm

    I doubt that Gangitano and Williams would have been the best of buddies. In early 98 I doubt that Williams was a big player (although I could be wrong)

    And yes, SGW is some hot stuff indeed. ALthough I'd say she knows it, too

  14. Anonymous12:44 am

    Is Hatzakortzian out of the clink yet? About time we saw some updates to this blog, including news on Carl Williams's latest girlfriends, Fat Tony's whereabouts and ZGW's latest antics

  15. Anonymous10:43 pm

  16. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Tony Mokbel has been captured.

  17. Anonymous7:48 am

    Dear Blogger where are you? Your fans are concerned about the long silence. Not locked up we hope?


  18. Anonymous11:52 pm

    lets make a dirty cop list,so that those of us who have the dirt on the dirty dicks can name names. i've got one. Det Darren Humphrys melb jacks. dirt cheap petty thief who steals of defendents and stalks their women, to satisfy his perverted sex drive. In a word CORRUPT

  19. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Vic police as currupt as all fuck..Nothin has changed since Old Neds day!!!!

  20. Anonymous7:22 pm

    dear john, he wont be locked up! but now all the bush is burnt clear out king lake way he may turn up....Old dumpin ground from way back so i wonder if they will get a true death count from the vic fires

  21. Anonymous11:54 am

    cant believe carl williams had a solid gold coffin box

  22. Anonymous7:42 am

    The bloggers loyal readers still drop in now and again, hoping he will come back from where he's been and give us some more...



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