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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


If a QC doesn't know when he's in contempt- what hope for the rest of us?:
The high profile lawyer of missing drug trafficker Tony Mokbel could face contempt of court charges over comments he made to the media during the trial.

In a new twist to the dramatic case, Justice Bill Gillard said today he would refer Con Heliotis, QC, to the solicitor-general's office to determine whether he committed contempt of court over comments made in a newspaper article.

Mr Heliotis was quoted as stating that he would withdraw from the trial and he did not know what had happened to his client, in a Herald Sun article last week.

The core of this is whether Con knew that Tone was going to do a runner and whether he knew this would sabotage the case. If it looked like Tone had met with misdadventure- then it's pretty hard to convict eh?

Mokbel lawyer faces possible contempt charges - National -


  1. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Why was he going to withdraw from the case and when did he say it - before or after Mokbel disappeared? If it was beforehand then he may be in a spot of bother but I doubt he would have been that stupid?


  2. It was after. But he said things that were outside the suppression order- like "no idea of whereabouts"

  3. Anonymous11:40 pm

    12 year sentence. It may take 12 years for them to find the roly poly one


  4. Anonymous10:25 am

    What exactly is Gatto's occupation?

    I ask as there's a report today of him thinking of buying a $1 million bulletproof / blow up proof Mercedes

    I like the line "I've got no problem with anyone"


    Armoured Merc for fearful Mick Gatto
    Geoff Wilkinson

    UNDERWORLD war survivor Mick Gatto has eyed a bulletproof Mercedes during a personal security upgrade.

    Mr Gatto is understood to have expressed interest in an armoured car from the Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany.

    Industry sources said a Mercedes-Benz "guard car" with the highest security rating -- a B7 protection standard resistant to grenade attack and small arms fire -- would cost up to $1 million to import to Australia.

    The purpose-built 12-cylinder turbo-powered S-Guard also boasts run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and an alarm system for endangered occupants.

    Promotional material says the car "offers an unsurpassed level of protection against terrorist attacks and the threat of violent crime".

    Mr Gatto's efforts to ensure his safety have already included improved security at his new home in the northeastern suburbs.

    Cameras, sensors and security lighting are part of the upgrade.

    Ironically, the previous owner of the $2 million house was the son of a retired senior policeman.

    Mr Gatto said he had no comment when asked about reports of his interest in an armoured car.

    "I've really got no comment to make about anything," he said.

    "I've got no problems with anyone . . . I just want to be left alone."

    A Mercedes spokesman said the S-Guard could not be imported without a special permit because it did not conform to Australian design rules.

    Spokesman Tony Andreevski said an armoured Mercedes could not be distinguished from a normal vehicle.

    Mr Andreevski said they were used by politicians and businessmen in some parts of Europe and the Middle East.

    Mercedes does not import them but they could be privately imported subject to restrictions.

    Mr Andreevski said it could cost up to $150,000 to modify the car for a permit from the Federal Office of Road Safety for use in Australia.

    Mercedes would have to crash-test a car to satisfy design rules, and had "no plans to do so".

    Former criminal lawyer George Defteros had also increased his personal and family security after police expressed concerns for his safety.

    Mr Defteros and Mr Gatto had been close associates of slain underworld figure Mario Condello.

    Both were warned by police of a heightened threat assessment after Condello was killed on February 7.

    Condello and Mr Gatto were leading members of the so-called Carlton Crew, one of the two factions accused of involvement in tit-for-tat killings in Melbourne in recent years.

    Mr Gatto was charged with the murder of Andrew Veniamin in a Carlton restaurant in March, 2004, but was acquitted after a jury was told that he had shot Veniamin in self-defence.

    Convicted drug smuggler Tony Mokbel is believed to have turned on the Carlton Crew after he was given a beating during a "business meeting" in Carlton in 2002.

    Police believe Mokbel fled the country just before his cocaine trial ended last month because he knew he had been implicated in two unsolved murders.

    He has been accused of financing two underworld shootings.

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