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Friday, February 17, 2006

The kids are alright

Back page of The Age- Spy section- today: (yes MUI now have a scanner in our bunker!)

Our insiders tell us that:
It's Mario Condello's boy (s- there's two of them) and Simon Overland's boy.

Word is the Overland kiddie is a great fella and student and the Condello kiddies are just Gangitanos in waiting...

No cane at private schools no more? More's the pity...


  1. Anonymous6:07 pm

    How ironic hehehe

    All the other kids must have run a mile whenever music class came round and the Condello boys began to open their violin cases (Overland's kid was the one running to tell the principal)

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Just read this at

    Rodge the Dodge let loose after 12 months for telling porky pies. Interesting fella was Roger, a maniac with a badge


    Rogerson leaves prison in limo
    From: AAP
    February 17, 2006
    AFTER 12 months in prison for lying to the Police Integrity Commission, disgraced former Sydney detective Roger Rogerson left in style today – in a stretch limo.

    When Rogerson left Kirkconnell Correctional Centre west of Sydney about 8am, the limousine was waiting for him at the rear of the prison farm.
    Rogerson served 12 months of a maximum two-and-a-half-year sentence for lying to the commission in 1999.

    His wife, Anne Melocco, is serving two years' periodic detention for the same offence.

    They were charged after falsely claiming to know nothing about bribes allegedly received by Liverpool City Council's purchasing manager, Sam Masri, from contractors tendering for council work.

    The 65-year-old, who suffers from Parkinsons disease, later celebrated his release with friends at a southwestern Sydney pub, the Ten network reported.

    Rogerson's lawyer Paul Kenny said prison had been tough on him.
    "It's been very hard on him, he's got numerous health problems, and he's a shadow of what he used to be," Mr Kenny said to Ten.

    "Even though he is 65, he is a very old 65."

    It is Rogerson's second stint in prison, having served three years in the early 1990s for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

    Before going to Kirkconnell he earned a living partly as an entertainer, recounting police exploits on stage with Mark "Chopper" Read and ex-Aussie Rules footballer, Mark "Jacko" Jackson.

    Mr Kenny said he wouldn't be surprised if Rogerson decided to write a book about his life.

  3. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Looks like the "Rog the Dodge", is gonna be shaking it all night long.........
    shake and bake.........

  4. Anonymous12:57 pm

    zgw looked smug today... she'd be resting easier

  5. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Why's that? Did she get lucky recently?

  6. hahahaha
    what photo are you refering to or did yyou actually see her

  7. Anonymous8:54 am

    actually saw her... as for why she's smug- work it out - all on public record

  8. Anonymous6:26 pm

    I saw her too. Just the other morning when she got out of my bed. She sat on the edge of it for a few minutes trying to wrap her head around the bonk that she'd just received from mwa. About 7.5 on the Richter scale i'd say, and she was still trembling with

    Then she bent forward to stand up and the gates of heaven opened up once again, to reveal a reverse cameltoe from hell, the likes of which would have turned Sir Cliff Richard into a rapist

  9. Anonymous5:53 am


    Since the gruesome murders and such that keep places like this going have slowed to a trickle, immediate action is in order

    Here's a story on some guy I've never heard of that's disappeared, believed murdered. Down the bottom there's a CrimeStoppers number to call. Perhaps you'd like to ring it and ask them for some goss


    Convicted murderer may be latest victim
    By Paul Anderson and and Anthony Dowsley

    March 03, 2006

    A CONVICTED murderer with close links to a career criminal who turned prosecution witness for detectives investigating Melbourne's gangland killings could be victim number 29 of the underworld war.

    Lee Patrick Torney, 52, has not been seen or heard from since April last year and none of his bank accounts has been touched since.

    Mr Torney - who has criminal convictions for murder, assault and dishonesty and firearms offences - also has links to another man convicted of one of Melbourne's gangland killings.
    That man cannot be named for legal reasons.

    Mr Torney has spent about 11 years in jail, where he is said to have befriended powerful criminals. He is said to have introduced two men who have since become prominent players in the gangland wars.
    Mr Torney's disappearance is being treated as a suspected murder.
    Due to his criminal connections, members of the Purana Taskforce investigating up to 15 of Melbourne's gangland killings have taken charge of the inquiry.
    "My gut feeling is that I believe he is deceased," Det Insp Steve Francis, of the homicide squad, said yesterday.

    "(Due to) Mr Torney's association with people that relate to the Purana investigations, it makes sense for them (Purana detectives) to conduct this missing persons inquiry. Mr Torney is well known to police.

    "He is actually on lifetime parole for murder which was committed back in 1982."

    Mr Torney was convicted of the murder of Sidney James Graham after the pair had a falling out.
    Police raided Mr Torney's Footscray home in 1999 after seizing an arsenal of weapons including explosives and rifles in South Melbourne.

    Police sources said Mr Torney was tight with one of the factions involved in the recent gangland war, as well as known armed robbers.

    Ironically, Mr Torney was living with his mother in Elphinstone, near Castlemaine, when he vanished.

    He is believed to have been unemployed.

    "His time was spent caring for his mother and not much else," Det Insp Francis said.

    Anyone with information about the disappearance of Lee Patrick Torney should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

  10. Son Of Sly6:02 am

    Yeah was just going to add this mate, I suspect Sidney Grahams side have decided to back up after all, also word that Torney did a recent job with Rod Collins but not to sure how much of this is true yet.

    Will keep you posted.

  11. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Torney was part of the Williams network, was close friends
    with Mr X or King Rat, AKA; Thomas Hentschel.........
    this cunt will sink the Baby Face and Victor for sure.....

    SOS, you think Sids crew finally delivered its revenge???

  12. Anonymous7:06 pm

    What's Hentschel (oops sorry, nobody knows who he is, right) got coming to him?

    He was directly involved in the J Moran murder and one of the others, can't remember whihc now

  13. Son Of Sly12:00 am

    Torney was part of the Williams network, was close friends
    with Mr X or King Rat, AKA; Thomas Hentschel.........
    this cunt will sink the Baby Face and Victor for sure.....

    SOS, you think Sids crew finally delivered its revenge???

    Hi Mate

    I think it was Sids crew, but there is also word on the inside "mates young son just out from Barwon" that the Williams lot are going to knock the people close to Hentschel i:e Lee, Hentschel's girlfriend, and members of his family to stop him,

    The truth in all that I don't know, you know what jail talk is like.

    P.S Every one should start using a user name, I don't know who the fuck anyone is when everyone is
    Anonymous said lol

  14. Anonymous12:37 am

    Heard some quiet talk the other day, from some guys that run
    with boys from Sunshine and they are hearing that Williams crew
    are trying to stop Hentschel from testifying at trial......., but
    hey could just be some ideal gossip...........just like jail talk...

    His statement already fucks them all, esp Brincat, direct evidence
    as he was there to drive on a few hits, including dropping Williams
    when he whacked Mark Moran.........Carl would be trying anything to
    stop the cunt from sinking the ship.........


  15. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Hell of a position to be in. If he says nothing he probably gets life himself. If he talks he gets a much reduced sentence yet is forever looking over his shoulder

    I don't blame him for talking, it's not as if all those guys show any loyalty to each other. Infact they tend to blow each others brains out on a whim

  16. Anonymous5:57 am

    A body has been discovered down a disused mineshaft in country Victoria and it's most likely this Torney fella. Dennis Tanner has a liking for disused mineshafts does he not? hehe

  17. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Read that Torney might have stiffed some blokes of some big cash...could it be he didnt pass along some cash to another fella that was owed the cash for the perfromance of a job well done??. Ah fuck it, the cunts dead anyway...
    Keep hearing George's (Daddy) name mentioned as well, as being in the mix for Torneys disappearing act..


  18. Old George doesn't look capable of much more than getting pisht on a Friday night and falling over into the gutter

  19. Anonymous4:09 pm

    being in the mix, doesnt mean he did anything physical, but was invloved in other ways


  20. Son Of Sly11:54 pm


    George has the power to have someone taken out, the word has always been that George is the brains and the power of the family as Carl isn't the sharpest knife in the draw.

    The papers say that Torney was given $200,000 to pass onto a lawyer for one of the Williams lot and either pissed off with it or someone found out about it and knocked him for it.

    I still think it had something to do with Sidney Grahams side as his young son is a bit of a up and coming force and has aligned himself with a bloke called Bluey and his crew that I have talked about before.

    Also news in that Benji's brother Steve took a bit a flogging last week at the hands of an old mate of Mark Moran's "good stuff as he's a big mouth cunt like his little brother anyway and needs a good bashing".

  21. Anonymous5:22 pm

    What's with the victimisation of Veniamin's family? (not fair not fair). I'm sure Andrew's brother is just as misunderstood as Andrew was

  22. Anonymous8:20 pm

    mate he is just as big a turn as his brother was..... all lip, and no balls, unless his boys were there and they were carrying.......otherwise....


  23. Who is 166? does anyone know? There's a writeup today claiming he may have been the person that shot and killed Alfonse Muratore in 1992

    How ironic would that be - the cops paying $1 millin for this guy's witness protection re-settlement and he's one of the hitmen they've been looking for


    Gangland twist brings new investigation
    Geoff Wilkinson and Michael Warner

    THE $1 million witness against slain underworld figure Mario Condello is being investigated over allegations he was the hitman in an unsolved murder.

    The claim against the man who can only be identified as "166" is a potential blow to Victoria Police.
    It was revealed last month that 166 had been rewarded with a $1 million protection package for his evidence. The new claim is that he may have been involved in the 1992 shotgun execution of vegetable merchant Alfonso Muratore outside his Hampton home. Mr Muratore, 39, was the son of a former Honoured Society leader who was also shot dead outside his home in Hampton during a power struggle 28 years earlier.

    The Herald Sun has been told 166 went into hiding the night Mr Muratore was killed.

    He allegedly asked a relative to take him to a motel, where he changed his appearance.

    The relative claimed 166 rang a mobile hairdresser and booked her to come to the motel and cut off his distinctive long hair.

    "He wanted to be invisible," the relative claimed.

    "He used to have a lion's head of hair . . . all of a sudden on this night he brought a hairdresser in and she gave him a crewcut."

    Witnesses told police after Mr Muratore was shot dead that the gunman had brown, shoulder-length, wavy hair.

    The relative claimed 166 stayed at the Plenty Rd motel for two nights after the shooting "then just disappeared".

    He said he believed he may have been paid by criminal associates to shoot Mr Muratore.

    The relative said 166, a known gun trafficker, had relationships with prominent Italian crime families at the time of Mr Muratore's murder.

    It is understood 166 will deny any involvement in the shooting.

    Police told of the new claims by the Herald Sun reactivated the Muratore investigation.

    The man who came forward with the information has now been interviewed by detectives.

    Part of their inquiry will involve a review of all exhibits in the case to check whether advances in DNA technology since 1992 may reveal new evidence.

    Assistant Commissioner (crime) Simon Overland said last night the new probe would be "fraught with difficulties, both legal and operational".

    "But if this is right we'd want to have a red-hot go at it," he said.

    "Being on the (witness protection) scheme is no protection (against prosecution).

    "If he's done this we'd be very anxious to investigate it and prosecute him – but it's if at this stage, and a big if."

    Mr Overland refused to say if 166 was still in the country, but said he would be made available for interview if required.

    The Herald Sun revealed last month that 166 had been given front-row seats to a Cher concert while under police protection, and taken on a Queensland holiday.

    He is expected to soon be moved overseas as part of his deal with police to be a witness against Condello.

    The deal covers all costs of his relocation and establishment in a new home and business.

    Condello's trial for incitement to murder three men was due to start the day after he was gunned down in the garage of his Brighton home on February 7.

    Mr Muratore was hit with two shotgun blasts to the head as he left home at 1.30am for the Footscray wholesale fruit-and-vegetable market.

    His killer said "gotcha" as he fired at Mr Muratore and his middle-aged driver, who was hit in the leg and survived the attack.

    A $50,000 reward for information leading to the killer's conviction still stands, but the man who provided the new information told the Herald Sun and police he did not want the money.

  24. Anonymous11:26 am

    It's been confirmed that the body in the mineshaft is Lee Torney. Someone named Holden has been charged with murder. I guess that solves the question of who 166 is

    p.s. my password for 'az' doesn't want to work

  25. Son Of Sly4:41 am

    No mate 166 is still alive and kicking, I thought that Sidney Grahams crew did it but turns out that some dickhead that isn't anything to do with the underworld has knocked him for a reason that we don't know about yet.

  26. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Without sounding like a fruitcake here, but can anyone give the name or initals
    for 166??? All i know is he used to deal with the wogs years ago.....

  27. Son Of Sly3:30 am

    Don't know his name mate, but I do know the name of the witness in the Mokbel case, its Mark Banda, his mum kicked the bucket when he was locked up and was never right after that, Victor Peirce took a contact up of the Mokbel boys to kill him but only blew up his car on the Melbourne Docks then the silly cunt pissed off half way round the world.

  28. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Lee Torney maybe a little fish in the almighty pond but to us who knew him he was a good bloke, just made a few wrong decisions in his life can happen to the best of us .

  29. Who is Josh Cohen?

  30. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Well looks like Hentschel and Brincat are stuffed now Carl is dead so why would the police be interested in pursuing a posthumous case

  31. Veniamin was a snitch, he was being paid by the drug squad and ratting on the lebos who delt in sunshine

  32. Anonymous9:27 am

    Bullshit. Andrew was not a dog. Lee was always a snake.Morans were always no good. Jas and mark both yappers and dad was best woofer in melb


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