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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How The Age saw it

Since the killing, MUI has been past for alook and it all looks rather serene now.

And here's how The Age see it:

When death came in the night - In Depth -

Meanwhile the SMART, BRAVE, TOUGH and above all else SEXY AS HELL Zarah Garde-Wilson-Caine-Mokbel said: "Like, totally Whatever"

Zarah not phased


  1. Anonymous8:31 pm

    a truckload of info on Condello and his connection to the mafia

    This one was way too professional for Williams and his lot of mumbling boobies

  2. Yeah, that my post up there.......pumping tyres hey...

    but much info spread out there, this hit didnt involve the new boys or even Williams, Condello's fate was decided by the old men this time........very pro work here, many rumors that the hitter was imported from the old country, but hey what the fuck do i know.........

  3. Anonymous1:21 am

    Yeah. These dipshits always love movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather.

    This strikes me as being exactly the way the Joe pesci character goes in Goodfellas.

  4. Anonymous2:41 pm

    inside job

  5. Anonymous9:51 pm

    fugg that, more Zarah pics thanks

  6. Son of Sly10:42 pm

    I don't know if I believe all this mafia bullshit, to be honest if The Williams lot or Mokbel wanted Condello dead then it would happen.

    There is a good few hitmen in Melbourne still around that are nothing to do with Condello's mafia contacts.

    I know of one from Broadmeadows that is close to the Williams lot so its possible.

    My thought's are that he was knocked for the bashing that Mokbel got a few years back in Lygon, I don't think Mokbel would of let this just pass and do fuck all about it, not with a ego the size of the western suburbs.

    All it would take is for Mokbel to off this fella the right cash and he would do it, and the job would get done right.

    If it is the fruit sellers that have knocked one of there own then that to would be fine by me, it makes for good fuckin reading and is starting the new year off nicely for MUI.

  7. Anonymous6:10 am

    You don't think it was way too professional a hit for the likes of the hitmen we've seen running around these past few years?

    The Mokbel bashing - I read it was mainly by some WA guys. Is this right?

  8. Son Of Sly8:08 am

    Mate, there is professional hitmen still free and walking around Melbourne.

    One that was away on a gun charge who could of done this no worry's at all, got out before the Munster was knocked and is the prime suspect in his killing.

    As for the bashing.

    Condello was there with a minder who joined in along with Radev's boys and two Coffin Cheaters from WA Troy Mercanti and another fella.

    It was said that it kicked off because Mokbel called Mercanti a dog in jail, it kicked off because Condello and Gatto tried to hold court and they started giving orders and when Mokbel with his ego was having none of it, then it all kicked off and Mokbel had the shit kicked out of him.

    Same reason The Munster got put off, trying to control people with egos that don't like being told what to do.

  9. Mate, the fruit guys your thinking of dont come into this, many regard as the main boys from Adelaide or Grffith who pushed the button..........Mokbel has had more pressing shit to worry about, pending trial now on, than to organise a hitter, my two bobs, but ill give the fat fucks and his brothers are a fucking shiftty bunch............

  10. Son Of Sly11:55 pm

    Fruit sellers i.e Italian.

    Old Jail joke, sorry.

    If it is the Italian's, isn't there favoured weapon a shotty for this type of hit ?

  11. SOS, back home, as im regarded as still being an import, however many italian murders were either "Lupara Bianca", which means that the boday is missing and was killed with a shotty, last guy i can think of being hit with a good old 12g, was Al Muratore..................that was while back now.........however, gone are the days when the traditional shotty was used, most prefer medium calibre revolvers...........

  12. Anonymous5:50 am

    I guess they have to move with the times.

  13. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Shotguns and revolvers are for amateurs. Real men use AKMs.

  14. Anonymous11:40 pm

    No... real men use their hands or occasionally blades. More personal that way. See, a knife is slower, more dramatic but also a lot quieter and subtle. Gun's are for pussys.... bang you dead mo' fucker!!! Where's the passion in that?


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