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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Conjecture, theories, thoughts and bullshit...

Here are some theories from MU and others:

This was a professsional hit- not from anyone in the Williams/Mokbel crew (aka "The Others"

U Priveta
"...this hit didnt involve the new boys or even Williams, Condello's fate was decided by the old men this time... very pro work here, many rumors that the hitter was imported from the old country"

The pro nature of this hit was the fact that it appears the shooter managed to follow Condello into the garage, shoot him more than 4 times, then flee before the garage door came down. Fast, efficiaent and invisible.

This theory may hold some water- a hit from Condello's "own side"- that is NOT to say Carlton crew, but rather from his money laundering connections in Italy. He was well connected in Italy- a hint of Calabrain Honor Society in the mix.

It's a known fact that Condello does not "go well" in Prison. When he got bail back in March '05, the following was presented to the court:
Condello's lawyer, Tony Howard, QC, told the Melbourne Magistrates Court that Condello's health had deteriorated while he was in solitary confinement at Barwon Prison.

Prison psychiatrist Daniel Sullivan told the court that "in layman's terms Mr Condello could be considered stir crazy".

Now while this may have been a ruse a la Gigante, the trouble with a ruse like this is that it may have been "lost in translation" back home in Italy. See, if news got back to Italy that a/ Condello can't cope with prison and b/ He's going to go down for the current charges and c/ he knows too much then you have a problem.

If he really can't cope with prison, then he's a vulnerable case- he could fold up for freedom. While plea bargains are not a possibility, he could get a reduced sentence for co operating...

To further boost this theory, The Others (as we no like to call them - Williams, Makbel crew) are either in jail (making it difficult to organise a hit) or on trial (Mokbel) and frankly have bigger fish to fry and don't want to draw undue attention to themselves.

But we'll leave the last word to Son Of Sly:
Mate, there is professional hitmen still free and walking around Melbourne.

One that was away on a gun charge who could of done this no worries at all- he got out before the Munster was knocked and is the prime suspect in his killing. MUI: Though Gatto "swears" it was Benji

As for the bashing.

Condello was there with a minder who joined in along with Radev's boys and two Coffin Cheaters from WA Troy Mercanti and another fella.

It was said that it kicked off because Mokbel called Mercanti a dog in jail, it kicked off because Condello and Gatto tried to hold court and they started giving orders and when Mokbel with his ego was having none of it, then it all kicked off and Mokbel had the shit kicked out of him.

Same reason The Munster got put off, trying to control people with egos that don't like being told what to do.

Hit the comments folks!!


  1. Like many have stated, Mobkel has been fighting his drug charges and the never ending hassles of being investigated contionusly by the Major Crime dept, would most likely see him being prevented from ordering the hit, would he risk a conspriacy/murder blue whilst already facing charges if any info leaked from wiretaps, phones, informants etc......

    Munster was not hit by Benji, your are right there, the guy you mentioned was interviewed and had been released on a rosco charge prior to Munsters murder...........Benji did some hits, but not that one.......most likely Frankey, Dino, PK........and Willy...........

  2. His ties to Italy were due to his relationship with the Condello-Imerti mafia family from Calabria.
    However, his did invest alot of money from the Griffth boys back in the green days...........many local boys were also feeling a little worried by Condello's actions during the past year, and many beleived it was better that he was gone.....

  3. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Well that's settled then - the old grape crushers from the old country did it

    Anyone keen to name the Kinniburgh 'person of interest'? If you refuse I shall be forced to get Kath Pettingill to dispense a few more of her special comments around here

  4. Anonymous9:40 pm

    hey MUI - one of the guys at the mobbed up forum reckons this place lacks professionalism - I wouldn't be taking that lying down fella/ fellas. grrrrr

    Anyway how's Zarah in the cot, filthy or what?

  5. Son Of Sly11:23 pm

    I had a read at the mobbed up forum, I won't name names but one person over there has been typing some bit of bullshit let me tell ya.

    We lack professionalism lol

    Allot of people give there views while standing on the outside of the tent pissing in, while we like to stand on the inside pissing out.

    We at MUI give our views but don't discount anyone else's views, and we don't tell everyone that ours are right and there's are wrong.

    At the end of the day, we are all just going on info i.e inside info or just guessing.

    As for the hitman we'll give you a clue and lets see if U Priveta is on the ball ?

    R........S ........C..........

  6. Anonymous12:05 am

    Whoever knocked Condello should get a medal.

  7. Son Of Sly2:45 am

    C'mon U Priveta, ill give you one more clue, you said you knew who he was ?

    R........ Sydney C..........

    There's a slab of VB in it lol

  8. The Condello killing has a new theory apparently due to someone getting worked over at a Lygon St Restaurant. Who was the beatee in this case? Here's a link to the Herald story.,5478,18118115%255E2862,00.html

    What are your thoughts?


  9. Anonymous5:25 am

    Back to the Fat Tony theory I see. The more I read about it the more I think it was someone else

    p.s. SOS - was only messing around with the previous mobbed up forum post. Just amusing myself

  10. Son Of Sly5:47 am

    The VIIIth

    Read down a few story's to find out my views on the Mokbel bashing.

    Anonymous said...
    p.s. SOS - was only messing around with the previous mobbed up forum post. Just amusing myself

    That's ok mate, just went over there and gave them my views as they have put shit on us over here saying we lack professionalism lol they have refused an offer to come over here, I wonder why ?

  11. The VIIIth said...[snip]

    The Herald Sun owe us - they are effectively re publishing comment and conjecture from this site as FACT.


    re: Eboards crew- we just want to see if we can add as much opinion and speculation from as many sources as possible. Let's not fight when others aonly too willing to do so for our enjoyment.

    The "professionalism" comment doesn't sting as we are NOT a professional site. We laugh and joke and so on about the central players- because to most people THIS SHIT IS FUNNY.

    Anyway, gotta go, Roberta's back from her latest botoxing.

  12. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Russell Cox.


  13. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Russell "The fox" Cox, real name is .Melvile Peter Schnitzerling.

  14. Anonymous5:17 pm

    R.Collins. a wild guess......
    anything for a beer.he

  15. Anonymous9:40 pm

  16. Son Of Sly10:05 pm

    Seeing U Priveta was talking out his arse that he knew who this suspect hitman was lol eboard crews lol

    Rodney Sydney Collins is his name and killing is his game, won't so i'm told do a hit for anything under $150,000, you get what you pay for.

    Old School armed robber now pushing late 50's but still ticking away so it seems, was pulled in on the Munster hit but let go.

    He did a few jobs with Lawless back in the day and has been a suspected hitman for a very long time, very good mates with George William's as they are both from Broadmeadows.

    Just one more thing U Priveta, Benji didn't knock Willy Thompson like you have said, the job was suspected to have been done by two young blokes that are doing time over having loaded guns while stopped by SOG, the two blunt knifes almost killed each other when one stood on one side of the car and the other stood on the other and fired into the car.

    Very smart move boys lol

    Oh, and ill be pissed tonight lol who said bloody Russell Cox ? Jesus Christ boys, he's retired from crime and now lobs bricks up in Queensland lol

  17. mate im the guy who put the Rod Collins up there, did annynos, but can check me IP address buddy
    i aint talking shit here, thats my post...................your choice to beleive me or not, most of
    my info concerns the wogs...............

  18. i have heard about those two young ones who many beleive did Willy, but also heard the greek being mentioned,
    yet these two being,Hizzy Ferman and Robby Musso............both young standover boys, love ripping dealers......

  19. Son Of Sly4:54 am

    U Priveta, were did you say Rod Collins lol you said fuck all.

    You don't even know who Rod Collins is until I told you, I gave the time to fill in the gaps and you couldn't so you looked like a bit of a shitman.

    Robert Musso gets called Crackers not Robby, are you making it up as you go along or what ?

    If your just going to repeat what you read in the papers then keep your info, we already know.

    Benji get put down for killing everyone, but the fact is he had fuck all to do with Thompson's death.

    Thompson's death had nothing to do with anyone but Ferman and Thompson.

  20. Anonymous4:55 am


  21. chris5:50 am

    Why was Victor Pierce killed? Was it because he ripped off another dealer?

  22. Hey SOS, let's keep it friendly please- remember- fighting is what theUnderworld do- we observe and we laugh.

    U Priveta, you are more than welcome to put up your theories any time- and email us posts should you feel so inclined. More than welcome.

    We love a bit o' vigorous discussion folks, but lets play nice or it'll be handbags at 10 paces


  23. aint gonna cry like some bitch here, or go limp dick. like ive said most of my info concerns the italians.
    im not privy to any working regarding other crims, only snipets of info i hear around the traps. so thats
    what i post.

    Like ive said, im not an aussie, still regarded as an import......

  24. well im staying away from all this. to many theories and to many people to scan through.
    I dont think they will find who did it. I may be wrong but i just think it was to quick and to professional.....

    on another note. why the fuk is Kerry packer memorial shit being paid by the tax payers????!!!

  25. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Agreed - no need for aggro. we're all here for much the same reason are we not?

    Watched the kerry packer thing last night, interesting viewing on an an unteresting and ballsy character. His hammering of government people at the Senate inquiry into his taxes was especially funny

    Trust me, Packer put more into the Oz economy that he ever took from it and should have been begged to run the country

  26. Son Of Sly9:46 pm

    I agree no need for aggro, my info concerns the aussies as I haven't got a fuckin clue about the Italians, so at least we now have U Priveta for the wogs so we should be sweet.

    And if you do get limp dick mate, viagra is the way to go "so i'm told" lol

  27. Anonymous9:58 pm

    This guy could be another candidate.

  28. SOS, cheers, but no need for viagra just yet, if i did then id be pulling another Italiano.....
    guess he didnt need a stiffy that bad..............sweet, your the aussies, and ill pump the old
    wogs for info..........mate since last week, most of the guys have been very quiet, lots of
    surprised faces too, but many have puzzled looks as to where it came from, and asking
    questions is never a good thing with any of the wogs............

    funny thing, looking at last weeks Herald Sun, and pics of the Condello funeral and people there
    and who gets there pic in the paper, a familar face who ive know for a long time....
    ......the bold bloke with the Sunnies on, left hand side page Sat paper i think...
    he and his friends and family members are part of Lebo's that did business with the way his name is Robbie.N............the cunt can blue, ill give him that....

  29. Anonymous12:00 am

    This guy?

  30. other pic buddy, the one with the two blokes in it, one has his back to the camera and the other is bold, has light coloured glasses and a widows peak hairline.............

  31. Anonymous2:57 pm

    166's old house has had the letterbox removed- not coming back

  32. 161............ex door man......he was...same for Q Bar.......fsome fun times there

  33. Anonymous1:17 am

    166-condello informer?..............
    he got a great winfall didnt he.....

  34. Anonymous2:59 pm

    robert musso was not called crackers. he was called Robbie or Duran Duran. Get ur facts right. I was in Barwon with Robbie & Hez, Ross, Mick and the boyz back in 2004.


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