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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Condello Gunned Down

Is it the mounties or the Texas rangers who always get their man?

Either way:

"I can confirm that shortly before 10 pm, Mario Condello was shot dead in the driveway of a home here in North Road," acting Deputy Commissioner Simon Overland said.

Update 10:00 am
Gangland kingpin Mario Condello was shot repeatedly in his driveway despite heavy fortifications and security cameras to his East Brighton home.

Picture this: You are Simon Overland. You are chilling out- perhaps on a beach in Queensland. You are considering your future. Sure, Christine Nixon has signed on again so in the back of your mind is the thought that maybe you'll shoot for the big chair when she shuffles off to become a Jenny Craig poster girl or sumsuch. The Purana taskforce has kicked arse and taken names. Your stocks are high on the back of the arrests and apparent end of this gangland war. Some of the members of the team are being transferred out as the groups winds down. Life's good. You are relaxed.

Then WHAM! Condello goes down and it will be 12 months before the next wind down phase. These here are crazy times folks!

Let us declare- insider information or not- that this killing comes as a total, utter suprise. Most were calling that 2006 would be a year of consolodation, or rebuilding, of new players planning- but a hit on the likes of Mario Condello? Ex-fucking-traordinary. Un-frikin-believable.

Police fear that the murder of Condello could again spark Melbourne's tit-for-tat underworld war. While many of the main players are in jail, several violent criminals remain loyal to one principal who is in custody.

That's not all:

Mick Gatto, last year acquitted of the murder of gangland hitman Andrew "Benji" Veniamin, and three of the Carlton Crew arrived 10 minutes after police.

Lordy he must be nervous now. We though nothing could touch him now- but it seems that he should go to ground for a while- like for say, 25 years.

Police fear that the murder of Condello could again spark Melbourne's tit-for-tat underworld war. While many of the main players are in jail, several violent criminals remain loyal to one principal who is in custody.

Ok speculation time- based on some tidbits we have received this morning:
- Condello was going to do a deal with the cops and his own side had him knocked.
- New crew on the scene looking to make their mark by taking out someone of note (See Macchiavelli's noted work "The Prince")
- Last of the "others" from the non Carlton crew having a go.
- Freelance hitman collecting the $150 000 that was on offer for Condello's death from the Others.

No matter who did this- Condello being gunned down on the eve of his trial- the night before- is a huge message. Just huge. Killing him was one thing- but the timing is so ballsy and "perfect" that the first point named in speculations above may have more weight than the others...

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Google Search for Mario Condello on

Update: It's the mounties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corporal Williams reporting for duty sahh!!

*Updates* 8:45 am - It's been said that the Police Airwing- helicopters were buzzing around the Condello house on Sunday night- "for a good half hour". Speculation says that it is because Condello was killed that night.
8:45 am ABC 774- Jon Faine- Simon Overland says he knows not why the 'choppper was there- not related to the Condello death. Autopsy to take place.
Shortly before 10pm, Condello returned home and was gunned down out the front of his house and was found by his wife. The house has security cameras that may have filmed the killing- but that is only specualtion. Asssume there is NO FOOTAGE if this is a professional hit. A really professional hit- not a Faure and Goussis cock up.
Overland is sepculating that this may indeed be a "new phase in this current war" and that Purana would now work very hard to stop the tit for tat nature that we have seen o so many times before. Yeah... right.
Faine asks about Condello being on bail- and Overland admits that Purana opposed bail- not on the grounds that Condello was at risk, but rather because Purana (or rather the DPP) argued that witnesses were are risk if Condello was out on bail.
Police will be speaking to Mick Gatto- Gatto is said to be "co operative" ie not silent. Whatever that means.


  1. And they thought it was going to be a quiet year 2006.

  2. Anonymous5:41 am

    From the writeups that have been going round, it seems this one may involve other people rather than Williams and co

    Any ideas?

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    if bail had not been granted, Condello would have got to court.
    I would be looking for the big gift given to the bail-granter ... no?

  4. Anonymous9:23 pm

    easy in hindsight... do you think i should back sydney to win the 2005 premiership??


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