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Monday, December 05, 2005

Off to hospital then Keithy?

A dog ate the brief, there was flood, a fire, a plague of locusts!

A man charged with murdering a Melbourne crime patriarch has been rushed to hospital suffering a suspected stroke after collapsing in a Melbourne court dock.

The pre-trial committal hearing for three men charged with the murder of Lewis Moran, patriarch of a key crime family, was supposed to start at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court today.

Keith Faure, 54, who is charged with Moran's murder, collapsed in the dock as the committal hearing started this morning and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

His lawyer, James Montgomery, told the court his client had complained of vomiting blood and had suffered a possible stroke.

The only stroke he's has is hand-on-cock.

Meanwhile, back in court, modern day Kath Pettingill:

Moran's widow Judy, sat silently in the front row of the public gallery of the court as the drama unfolded.

On the other side of town, doctors work frantically to save the life of a poor individual:
However, Noel Faure was not in court and his lawyer told the magistrate his client was ill and in hospital.

Noel Faure suffered injuries after he slashed his wrists and swallowed a set of nail clippers last week, a Barwon Prison has spokesman said.

Heart wrenching, action packed stuff...


  1. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Poor blighters, the pair of them. Hope they get well soon. Swallowing nail clippers tends to make one rather unwell I'd imagine. Did nobody tell Noel that clippers are not to be ingested orally?

    And why is Goussis not in hospital with something or other

  2. real oz guy6:53 pm

    there all scum, send them back to their own countries, fucking foreign scum

  3. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Where's Keithy boy from? Faure may be of French descent. Send him back there you reckon? The silly twat wouldn't know a word of French. What then???? Who would he kill?

    p.s. you seem more suited to this dump -

    It's full of wankers like your good self. Skinhead types (but with mullets) that don't appreciate people posting good Asian curry recipes

    Come to think of it they didn't like the "who loves Kylie?" thread either

    Nor the "send all people of non Australian descent back to their own fuckin country" thread

    Then there was the "what sort of moron hates races based on skin colour when said skin colour is the direct result of prevailing weather conditions in that particular part of the world?" thread

    Final straw for the mods and admin was the "David Irving is a cunt" thread. Yeah........that one really tipped them over the edge and a banning was in order

    But alas I returned in many different guises. Then the turds were forced into declaring that anyone that doesn't henceforth post will also be banned (on account the 'if you don't clearly state that you're a wanker like us then you must be the enemy')

    Enjoy, and tell John Streiker over there that yes, the relationship between Hando and Davey from Romper Stomper had undeniable homosexual connotations, surely a no-no for budding nazis

  4. son of sly12:14 am

    Real Oz Guy,fuck off we don't need any comments from wankers like you.

    As for Keith, word is that he has been dying for a while now and one of the main reasons he was taking a bit of work was for money for his family as he is not sure if he will be around for long.

    I know he has had a few problems with a brain disorder and that the stroke in court was real as he has had one already this year while in Barwon that wasn't in the paper.

    As for Noel, he also has had a few health problems and doesn't keep to well, but the nail clippers and cut wrists might just to be fuck the courts around or it could of been a real go at killing himself, who knows ?

  5. So keithy did have a stroke earlier this year. I was wondering that, i did hear something, But cause if you get punched enough in stomach hard enough you would bleed wouldnt ya. But you just confirmed to me that he DID actually have a stoke ealier on.
    Noel seems unstable to me (but time would do that) and loves to fuk around the courts......
    Real oz guy fuk off. Why dont you try living in some of our harsh country then if you think you so REAL OZZY, dont think you would last there either you wanker. AND THAT YOUR OWN COUNTRY FUKER

    1. Anonymous6:24 pm

      U all fuck of Keith and Noel are good people don't write tough shit on the net u pack of cocksuckers that's my family They may have French names but they where all born in aus u dickheads we have all been through enough shit without u shit talking gossipers talking shit I'd like to see u all say this stuff to there face and c how u go get a life and u should never judge a book by it's cover didn't your parents teach u this or are u all just dumb mo fos

  6. real oz guy said...

    there all scum,
    Y'know, your racist bullshit would have made a much better impact if you learnt how to spell THEY'RE instead of there knob wrench.

    I won't delete your post, but try to stay on topic or your next one goes in the bin

    PS If Australia does institute a policy of requiring immigrants to pass a basic English literacy test, can we get you deported and your citizenship revoked??

  7. Anonymous6:41 pm

    hehe not a bad idea MUI. I have this thing about crappy spelling and grammar. This country is now full of kids that can't spell for shit and they're beginning to Americanise our language

    I strongly advocate that anyone caught posting here in American language (ie: placing a 'z' where an 's' belongs eg visualize / visualise) should be hanged in the nearest town centre. Or banned at the very least. Ditto for any Australian posting in US style gangsta 'homie speak' (eg "yo bro wattup" etc et bloody cetera)

    Pronouncing the letter 'z' as 'zee" surely deserves to be punishable by a good old fashioned kneecapping

    Furthermore, when the fukkkkk did the word candy replace lollies as part of the local vernacular?

    Friggin kids these days (sigh)

  8. Anonymous3:30 am

    If its kneecappings you need, I know some boys on the Falls Road who are at a bit of a loose end. All big fans of Chopper.

  9. son of sly6:50 am

    Well you can tell them boys that what they may not know is that Old Chop Chop is a shit talker from way back and would mix with the coppers back in the day and its been said that he gave them more then a beer i.e info on other crims.

    I get sick of people saying Chopper this and Chopper that, the cunts a dickhead and always has been, in Pentridge he wasn't at the top of the pecking order, fuckin far from it, he said that he bashed Dennis Allen along side his mate Jimmy, it was Jimmy that bashed Dennis, Chopper was in H Division while Jimmy was in B Division along side Dennis and hit him over the head a few time with a rolling pin, they made up not long after it and when Jimmy was let out he bought guns from Dennis to do a few armed robs, little did he know that Dennis informed on him and he ended up back inside.

    Chopper has told so many lies and made out like half the things he talks about in his books are true when there mostly bullshit.

    Its well told that Chopper only even killed one bloke and that was the Turk as for the other 18 "they never happend".

    If you llok at it right, Choopers best mate Mad Charlie was a dog so it comes as not surprise that Chopper is as well.

    The film Chooper is all bullshit, his books are mostly all bullshit and interviews that has givin are mostly bullshit as well "all lies and all about Chopper, John Silvester and Andrew Rule coming together and creating a myth and putting it out there for the public to take in.

    Its sold books so fair play to the earless wonder but in Melbourne he is a bit of a joke in the Underworld, just ask Peter Allen Allen called him "That Fairy Tail Person" when asked if he was a suspect after Victor was knocked.

  10. Sly, these should be blogs, not hidden here as comments.

    you got the email I sent right?
    If not email us again- we don't keep old emails nor addresses!
    you know the email address- see fornt page right column!


  11. Yea Sly, we all know chop chop is full of SHIT and always will be full of shit> But there are some dumb arse people out there........... Can you belive the poof was at sexpo 2 years ago charging even more dumb fuckers $5 to have there photo with him.......AND PEOPLE WERE PAYING

  12. Anonymous1:49 am

    I know that Chopper is full of it -I am Flemington born and bred after all. The guys I was talking about, who have links to a certain ... er ... Ulster Catholic Gentlemen's Society ... lap up the books and the film because they know its mostly bullshit too. They just love a good yarn - they're Irish. That's the way of it up there - they all write books and songs about their exploits.

    In fact, I think Chopper would shit his pants if he had to face some of the real hardmen to be found up that way.

    Love to see him try and stand over The Three Steps in Drumintree for example.

    Its a different league with those boys.

  13. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Catholic Gentleman's Society? You mean those thugs known as the IRA. They were a good front for organised crime, those pricks

    It was the catholics that asked the English into NI in the first place. Then the British beat the shitter out of everyone (hehe smart thinking 99), including the catholics

  14. Anonymous10:44 pm

    I don't think this is the time of place for the discussion but you could go to Kilmainham jail in Dublin and ask the guard there what kind of thungs and criminals James Connolly and Padraic Pearse were.

    Or Bobby Sands - noted crminal. has the IRA committed crimes to raise funds - of course, all such movements do, but the fact remains that if there were no Brits in Ireland, there'd be no IRA.

  15. son of sly1:41 am

    Who gives a shit about the IRA, this is a Melbourne Underworld Blog so if anyone wan't to talk about those bunch of wankers then start up your own blog about them.

    Now as for Chopper shitting his pants, I said he was full of shit, I never said he was afraid of anyone, Chopper is know in the Underworld to have been pretty fearless and could take a good beating and bounch back from if pretty quick "still a shitman all the same" in jail he was at war with the KGB "Keithy George's Boys" and even old Keithy has said that Chop Chop was a crazy cunt in his day even if he did bend the lies to make them bigger.


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