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Friday, November 25, 2005

Lewis Caine...

Some more background on the Caine/Garde-Wilson situation. It appears that while Zarah and Lewis were together, Lewis had another woman on the side.

He regularly stayed at her place overnight. She got pregnant to him. He wanted the baby (he was also keen for Zarah to have his baby- a regular Lion pride leader was Lewis), but she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

They were both very upset- he'd told his younger sister she was going to be an aunt. He asked his reiki teacher from jail NAME DELETED to be the godmother. He said to the woman that when his children ask why he chose her as their mother, he would tell them, because she is an angel. Its alleged that he even asked her to marry him, but she ended the relationship despite being in love with him, because of his criminal life, his infidelity and his tantrums. (apart from teat he was a model citizen)

Whilst together, from his own initiation, he was desperately trying to get out of crime. He said how when he got out of jail he worked in a pub for a few months , then the police told the owners of his murder conviction and they sacked him- the pricks. (how does an ex crim go straight? Write books maye?) He said he didn't like being in crime and that he could have been so much more. He went for a few jobs while they were together, one as a courier and one as a used car salesman. When she lost the baby he said he told his mates he was going straight. All he wanted to do was return to the army but they wouldn't have him back.

He said when he was in jail he refused once to leave his cell for a few days and they called the nasty boys in. Six or so men came in and severely assaulted him and tried to give him a 'black panadol' (batton up the arse). He managed to stop this taking place- but they got him- he wasn't allowed to have visitors for 5 years.

It is said that his father physically and psychologically abused him as a child.

Zarah had a private funeral so the mystery woman couldn't attend to say goodbye. She wanted to see his body at the coroner but didn't want to get involved and wanted and still wants to stay out of the media due to her career.

This is the last of our tales of Caine. RIP.


  1. Anonymous9:41 am

    All jokes aside, it can't be easy to have spent a decade in the clink then come out and try to be a 'normal' citizen again. Some of the shit that goes on in there is truly barbaric and not condusive to ahem rehabilitation

    Almost everyone deserves another chance and when the cops are telling your prospective employers of your colourful past it wouldn't help one bit. A year or two 'awol' can be explained (working holiday overseas) but a way

    Caine seemed one tormented fellow, although it's almost a certainty that he gave as much as he got

  2. Anonymous9:44 am

    p.s. think it's time you posted the Sean Sonnet 'bag full of shit thrown at the jury' incident. That was hilarious when reading about it last year

    "Thanks for giving me a shot at the title your honour" What a maniac hehe

  3. OK read about Sonnet then:
    To the first poster, thank you for picking up the way that we feel- the cops acted out of order. Sure, Caine was no altar boy, but it is clear he was trying to go straight- but when all your mates are crims (or dead) and every time you try to go straight you get kicked, then what's a lad to do?



  4. Anonymous6:35 pm

    I was the first and second poster(oil moida da bum that's made it so difficult to get a username going). Looks like it's mainly Sly, myself, some guy that doesn't like girls and a coupla would be if they could be, toughguys posting here

  5. son of sly9:37 pm

    Sonnet was a dickhead is a dickhead and always will be a dickhead of the highest order.

    Carl seems to be good at recruiting dickheads to do his dirty work.

    Sonnet is just a big mouth little up start with a drug problem and always has been, the only thing he ever did that was worth a sniff was bash Bluey Brazel, but he was bashed not killed so that's not even much.

    As a youth Sonnet was an amateur boxer but spent more time on his arse then his feet, he's never been jailed for anything more then petty bullshit.

    The only real deal crim out of that whole lot is Rod Collins but he's been keeping his head down as far as I know.

  6. Anonymous7:33 am

    As these stories unfolded you got the distinct impression that Carl was starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel re: quality / professionalism of the hitmen he was recruiting

    The other side must have been mildly amused

  7. Looks like it's mainly Sly, myself, some guy that doesn't like girls and a coupla would be if they could be, toughguys posting here
    ...and thats why a forum is not such a great idea just yet...

  8. Anonymous11:36 am

    Anonymous Blogger here.
    I am afraid to Comment anymore.
    Don't want to be stalked back to my own blog by anyone threatening.

  9. Anonymous10:03 am

    uneducated fuckwits...if you really want to get a good blog going show some intelligence far only plastic fantastic fukwits here.....if only you knew...just a heads up fuckwitts its not cool to speak ill of the dead....kaz...

  10. Anonymous7:09 pm

    "BLACK PANADOL?" Were you serious? Really? (I-don't doubt such things happen but I-don't want to believe it) I've-actually seen far worse when I-was six-years old but in a different context with a lot-more bleeding involved! I-presume this was to break Caine's spirit & is the psychology of a private prison?

    Those doing this (Including those who order such things) definitely need to be accidently driven over by a medium to large truck! Over & over! Repetitively! All day! Until they fully resemble the sub-human shit they are! I'm quite serious here! Not only is-it behaviour more suited to Romania under the Dictator Ceascu but pretty-well guarantees a hate-filled fuckwit will come-out of-the system & cause grief on some poor innocent man woman or child in the future because of the suppressed rage clogging up their brainbox & thus decisions at the wrong time!

    The thought of that happening in Australia pissed me off & I-really felt like killing them myself as a freebie & I've literally had to do that unwillingly more than once so I'm-not just bloody skiting either! (Yeah! I-know bits of hardcore shit in the convict times of old & all the original history) But even-so this has really annoyed me big time! If I-had the resource & knew who the culprits were I'd-be happy to be seriously working on their ugly untimely deaths with a small bit of their personal belongings (Like their testicles maybe) to be sent to whoever was their partners in this satanic perversion! FUCK! This has really fucking annoyed me! Literally take these scum off the face of my planet...

    I'm deadly fucking serious here! People who do shit like that should just fucking die! I'll be glad to help one-day! The mongrels doing this power-trip over other human-beings should be more than certain of their immanent early deaths thereafter! (Sure as shit follows salad! It should be a natural progression & they should all know-it without any doubt too!)

  11. Anonymous2:59 pm

    i owned that pub, lewis was a violent, nasty cunt, he cost us the business in the end....
    good bye shithead

    ps straight people dont carry guns, and try to set up others....

    he wanted to be a glory boy and was lured into a trap with the promises of cheap drugs and $$$ for a hit, well 3 is a crowd and he got knocked..
    also the poor guy he bashed to death was out with his g/friend who was a cop.. he tried to crack onto her, she told security at lazars. lewis was removed, he then drove round and round the block in a taxi waiting for him to exit, then killed him.
    ask carlton CIB's trevor ashton about him..
    lewis wasnt going straight and was a standover man to fuel his gambling addiction.

  12. Anonymous11:15 am

    what goes round comes round- good ridence

    1. Anonymous8:54 pm

      Marshall arise my arse, he rolled into Fulham prison asking who the lifers are here, my name was 2nd on the list, when heard, he asked for a shove and wouldn't leave unit 10. He did sorta train with my instructor and I,

  13. Anonymous12:50 am

    Riddance, even.

  14. Cameron Mclaren6:55 pm

    You are all fuckwits who think you know shit when you know nothing.RIP Cous

  15. Anonymous7:57 pm

    They know nothing. R.I.P my friend, you were my first kiss. xx <3


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